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Kolkata Church Committee Elections


By Calcutta "Old-Timer", 27 November 2013

Due to the length and content of the below commentary, we have posted it as a stand-alone article with the permission of the author, who prefers to be called Calcutta "Old-Timer". To appreciate the references, refer to Thugs, Police at Calcutta Church Elections and the comments that follow.--Ed.

This letter isn’t about whether Max is a “Galstaun” or a “Khachaturian”. Maybe he is officially a Khachaturian, maybe he isn’t. In this instance it is irrelevant, but one thing definitely undeniable is that his son Anthranick most definitely IS a Khachturian.

Anthranick Galstaun, by birth with a perfectly legal and legitimate name, changed it to Khachturian. He was baptized in the Armenian Church of Holy Nazareth, Kolkata. This the very church that  locked its gates to him as he attempted to peacefully and LEGITMATELY enter to participate in the elections run by the "moral-less" Susan Ruben and Sunil Sobti. They, in turn, were supported by the gutless, morally corrupt and very un-"celibate" Rev. Father Khoren, who allegedly is engaged in deplorable practices involving minors. The members of the Armenian community did not stand a chance against these exceptionally manipulative and highly skilled con artists.

No one can deny that for many years Max Galstaun was a lone voice banging on about the Kolkata Armenian Church's lack of honesty, integrity and openness. He may, at times, have approached it in the wrong way, but one must agree that these recent elections with church funds used to bring in thugs and bouncers to keep members of the community out of their church and the election process is tantamount to mob rule.

Max’s long-term campaign has very sadly been proved correct: the Church in India is indeed corrupt, and it was a sad day on Nov. 10, 2013. It was proved to be so not just because forlorn Armenians were left standing outside the gates of an active church but because of the blatant religious thuggery and the fact that they were refused entry into a place of worship. Reconcile that with your Maker, dear elected members. It was also a sad day for the thousands of Armenians around the world who have a connection to the Armenian Church in India and who profess their love and support, who deplore what has gone on for years in the City of Joy and who voice their displeasure on social network sites such as Facebook and yet sit back and do nothing. And on this occasion they sat back and did nothing again.

There's a community here which is dying because of Ms. Ruben and Mr. Sobti. Does anybody care?

There's a community here which is being oppressed because of Ms. Ruben and Mr. Sobti. Does anybody care.

There's a community here which is being suppressed, gagged and brow-beaten because of Ms. Ruben and Mr. Sobti. Does anybody care?

There's a community here which is begging to be heard. Does anybody care? Sir Catchik Paul Chater left all his money to these newly-elected committee members. His legacy to the Armenian Church in Kolkata funds their cloak-and-dagger operation in which the only ones who benefit financially are Ms. Ruben, Mr. Sobti and the immoral Rev. Father Khoren.

Margaret Sarkies, daughter of the late Cha Cha Sarkies, who for years was the elder "statesman" of the Kolkata community but treated cruelly and with disdain toward the end of his days by the very church he loved and supported, shed an interesting light on the ongoing Korean-type iron grip that Ms. Ruben and Mr. Sobti are applying to the community: Susan Reuben and Sunil Sobti who have siphoned crores upon crores (10 million) of rupees. They have amended the Church Scheme (Constitution) without the knowledge, consultation or approval of the Armenian community of Kolkata. Two clauses that they have deleted enables these two wardens stay in this capacity forever. That is why they are blocking, barring, intimidating, and threatening persons such as myself, so that they and their cronies can keep getting re-elected and reign supreme, continuing to bribe, and steal from the Armenian church funds.

Margaret Sarkies, Anthranick Khachaturian, Sonia John, and other members of the community didn’t stand a chance against the above kleptomaniacs.

Meantime the community-crushing continues, Ms. Ruben hasn’t got a sympathetic and kind bone in her. While she’s in charge of the money, the community and its livelihood are at risk.

Judgment day will come to Ms. Ruben and Mr. Sobti as well as to the ambiguous clergyman who participated in the locking of the gates of the house of God. The rightful punishments will be meted out to them.

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Not Suprising

This kind of behavior seems to be a trend when people are in absolute control. There are always a few bad apples that will rot the others. There is always some group which would jeopardize the fate of a community that has been glorious for centuries. I always have felt that the Armenians of India were a source for the birth of the Armenian Diaspora in Asia. I hope to read about a good, fair, and balanced election in the near future. There has to be a way to get the whole community together on this issue. Let the Armenians not lose what has been built by their forefathers. Good luck.

Fair Resolution

It's with great interest that I read the articles here and in Hetq.am. I feel awful seeing how things have changed in the Armenian community in Kolkata. The once-prosperous community is in great danger of losing its ownership of assets and funds. There has to be a realistic approach to this burning issue. Things have to be looked into and discrepancies dealt with a firm hand. I am surprised by the situation's escalation to this level, and now it seems a joint effort and outside intervention is required to see a fair resolution to this issue. I would be pleased to see fresh elections and according to the Scheme to which the community and all parties would adhere. I would like to see this issue resolved with both parties coming together for a better future of the Armenians living in India. 

P.S. I am in agreement with 'Old Timer' that this issue is not about Mr Galstaun or Mr Khatchaturian. It is about the welfare of the  community of Kolkata and India.

This is an absolute disgrace

This is an absolute disgrace and the clergy to be involved is something out of this world. This should never have come to this level. The Indian government should now step in and sort out the ugly mess. 
A complete audit of the finances should take place followed by new elections with those that have been in the driving seat "EXCLUDED". As it appears democracy in this instance does not exist. I use the word "Democracy" with certain reservation hence the exclusion zone for those who have suppressed others.

Why has this ever happened? Why are the Armenians of Calcutta subjected to this type of "democracy" in the affairs of the CHURCH - Diabolical? an absolute disgrace. Is this the same Calcutta where I was brought up to respect the CHURCH, the members of the community? has something happened to the Armenian community?

I beg the Indian government to step in and take positive steps to bring some sanity and accountability to our once very respectable Armenian community. Until then "AMOTH".

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